Comercial promotion

Trade promotion

Bancoex helps Venezuelan exporters find a niche in global markets as part of its promotion policy of exports of domestic goods and services.

By providing strategic information for export, Bancoex bolsters diversification of destinations and products by means of Venezuela Exporta / Venezuela Trade, a trade promotion program of non-oil exports.

Venezuela Exporta (Venezuela Exports)

Venezuela Exporta encompasses the exhibition of Venezuelan products in a single space and the meeting point of Venezuelan exporters and foreign buyers. This national strategy is aimed as reinforcing the network of trade contacts and materializing the attempts at making business.

Venezuela Exporta is a total immersion experience with a full display of products and tasting where the bouquet of coffee, the flavor of chocolate, and the happiness of Venezuelan rum predominate.

In addition to showing the diverse Venezuelan industry, Venezuela Exporta also offers special borrowing facilities to foreign buyers of Venezuelan products and foreign trade conferences. The potential of domestic products with export quality is displayed in Venezuela Exporta. The promotion strategy came out in six editions in 2013 in Uruguay, Ecuador, Bolivia (Santa Cruz), Colombia, Cuba and Brazil. In 2014, Venezuela Exporta appeared in four editions in El Salvador, Trinidad and Tobago, Bolivia (Cochabamba) and Venezuela.

Venezuela Exporta bets on the Venezuelan supply in global markets and trade of inputs that favors the economic integration of Our America.