Venezuela Exporta arrives in Paraguay with a view to integration

The 14th edition of the program Venezuela Exporta opened on Friday in Asunción, Paraguay, through a high-level session betting on stronger trade between the two nations.

Enter into economic, even financial, partnerships which benefit the peoples is an unavoidable task in our globalized world, Venezuelan Ambassador to Paraguay, Alfredo Murga Rivas, said.

“The idea is setting up a win-win stage; making good business by our public and private businesses; this program on exhibition of Venezuelan products is a first step,” the ambassador explained at Bourbon Hotel in Asunción, where the show Venezuela Exporta will be present until Monday, October 20.

The Venezuelan exhibition displays more than 500 Venezuelan export quality products and bets on increasing trade among Latin American and Caribbean nations.

Venezuela Exporta, a program of the Foreign Trade Bank (Bancoex), is an experience which spurs a new paradigm in promotion of non-oil exports and it is a meeting point for Venezuelan exporters and foreign buyers.

Paraguay’s Minister of Industry and Trade, Gustavo Leite, and Bancoex Vice-President of Promotion or Exports and Investments, Raúl Cazal, were present in the opening session.

Leite voiced satisfaction with this first business meeting and disclosed the plans for a visit to Venezuela with Paraguayan businesspersons to work on business intents.

Program Venezuela Exporta bets on placement of domestic manufacturing in world markets and trade in favor of upcoming integration through Mercosur.

The edition in Asunción, Paraguay, is a result of the Mercosur meeting held in Caracas and the political will expressed by Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, and his Paraguayan counterpart, Horacio Cartes, towards renewed relations between Venezuela and Paraguay, Cazal said.

“We could say that this is a historical moment; for the first time, Venezuela comes in Paraguay with a business representation; that is a seed, a step of hope,” Cazal highlighted.

Lower Chamber welcomes Venezuelan delegation

On Friday morning, apropos the startup of Venezuela Exporta Asunción, the Venezuelan business delegation was invited to Paraguay’s National Congress, as a token of welcome and interest in working on a balance of trade that benefits both nations.

In the session hall of the Paraguayan Congress, the event was led by the president of the honorable Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay, Hugo Velázquez. He noted that Paraguay is bringing very important business opportunities and ideas are being exchanged to reinforce the relationship with Venezuela.

“Recently, we have resumed our relationship with Mercosur and, through the foreign ministries, talks on bilateral investment and business projects are also taking place and will be deepened.”

In the meeting, Miguel Ruscino, the president of Técnica Marmolera Venezolana C.A. (Tecvemar), took the floor. He noted that the program Técnica Marmolera Venezolana C.A. (Tecvemar), in addition to advertising the products made in Venezuela, seek complementarity between the two nations.

 “We came to participate with you in a dream of Latin American integration where we seek benefits for Latin America and keep them in Latin America. We bet on a Latin America that needs to grow on its own,” he specified.

Tecvemar is a Venezuelan company founded in 1958 in the business of granite. It has taken part in Venezuela Exporta since the beginning of the program in 2013. Recently, at the end of August 2014, it made its first export to Ecuador.

The export introduced onsite inspection. The process involves the review of the export material in the manufacturing plant. The National Customs and Tax Management Integrated Service, National Safeguard and the National Chambers of Industry, Quarries and Marble took part in the inspection.

The onsite inspection also forms part of the results of the program Venezuela Exporta in speeding up the steps for export. The proposal emerged during the discussions of the working group for export, coordinated by the Foreign Trade Bank, and implemented by the Venezuelan State.