Venezuela Exporta ends the year with over USD 274 million in business intents

The agenda of Venezuela Exporta, an export promotion program, ended 2014 with a historical accrual of USD 274 million in business intents since its establishment last July in Montevideo, Uruguay. Then, Venezuela received for the first time the pro-tempore presidency of Mercosur.

From its first step in Uruguay until its last presentation this year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the program has paved the way to re-launch non-oil exports and improve economic relations with sister nations of Latin America and the Caribbean.

In this way, after its startup in Montevideo in 2013, it proceeded to Guayaquil, Ecuador; Santa Cruz, Bolivia; Bogotá, Colombia; Havana, Cuba, and Manaus, Brazil. In each of these places, it set up an exhibition of hundreds of export quality products, tasting, music shows, business forums and round tables.

Out of the total list of business intents from the beginning of the program, the building sector captured 19% and is top in the list with more than USD 54 million, followed by the sectors of packing and industrial inputs, each for more than USD 40 million (14%).

Meanwhile, Technology amassed some more than 13%, or USD 36 million, followed by the sectors of health, food, vehicles, households, textiles and alcoholic beverages, accounting for 10% - 3.8% of business intents.

In every edition, this program, leveraged by an innovative and energetic trade funding scheme, backs dozens of Venezuelan enterprises.

Its 2014 agenda kicked off in El Salvador, proceeding to Port of Prince in Trinidad and Tobago; Cochabamba, Bolivia; Caracas, Venezuela; Asunción, Paraguay, and Argentina. Some destinations were visited again, including Bogotá, Colombia; Santa Cruz, Bolivia; Montevideo, Uruguay, and Havana, Cuba.

In Buenos Aires, the last stop in the 2014 agenda, Venezuela Exporta arrived at its sixteenth edition. A delegation of more than one hundred Venezuelan entrepreneurs was present there from Wednesday, December 3 through Friday, December 5, 2014. Over 500 export quality products were exhibited.

In Argentina, Venezuelan exporters made deals for USD 11 million in business intents with Argentinean importers. There, the sector of industrial inputs had a high clout with more than USD 5 million, or 45% out of the total amount.

The items that followed in the list of deals with Argentinean importers included construction, for USD 3 million or 31% of business intent; household, for USD 2 million or 17%, and textiles and food, 4% and 3%, respectively.

The Undersecretary of Trade Promotion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Argentina, Agustín Wydler, stressed that Venezuela Exporta is “a very interesting sample” where Argentinean and Venezuelan businesspersons get to know each other.

For his part, the Venezuelan Ambassador to Argentina, Carlos Eduardo Martínez Mendoza, pointed out that the rendezvous favored by Venezuela Exporta gives multiple opportunities to reach agreements and even complement each other in terms of technology.

Thus far, the program has appeared in 13 Latin Americana and Caribbean countries with a wide range of export quality products, business meetings and tasting of Venezuelan coffee, chocolate and rum.