Venezuela strikes in ExpoAladi over USD 18 million in potential exports

Venezuelan businesspersons amassed more than USD 18 million in business intents in Montevideo, Uruguay, sponsored by Venezuela Exporta, an export promotion program of the Foreign Trade Bank (Bancoex), displayed in Expo Aladi 2014.

From Wednesday, October 8 through Friday, October 10, near 30 Venezuelan businesses took part in the round tables that formed part of a trade event hosted by the Latin American Integration Association (Aladi)

At least 100 appointments were accomplished with foreign importers. Expo Aladi focused on agribusiness, food, vehicles, medical devices, chemicals, plastics, textiles, apparel, footwear and ICT-related services.

A lump sum of USD 18,305,100 was negotiated. The food sector concentrated 46%, or USD 8 million, in business intents; followed by industrial inputs, 28%, or more than USD 5 million; construction and textiles, 10% each, and containers and packing, 4%.

Among the other 12 Aladi Member States, Venezuelan entrepreneurs established commercial links with their counterparts of Cuba, Uruguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay and Chile.

The objectives of Expo Aladi, developed at the Technology Laboratory of Uruguay (Latu), included reinforcing trade in Latin America and increasing complementarity and production linkage of Member States.

The inclusion of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in regional trade was another one of the missions set by Expo Aladi. Venezuela Exporta introduced a full group of SMEs which for two days took active part in business round tables.

Just before Expo Aladi, on Monday, October 6, the program Venezuela Exporta showed over 40 businesses, near 600 products and tasting of rum and chocolate, in Esplendor Hotel Montevideo, in an event led by the Venezuelan Ambassador to Uruguay, Julio Chirino.

This is the edition number 13 of Venezuela Exporta, and the second time in Montevideo. On this opportunity, the program was reinforced by the experience in several destinations of Latin America and the Caribbean, with USD 190 million in business intents.

After visiting San Salvador, El Salvador; Puerto Príncipe, Trinidad and Tobago; Caracas, Venezuela;  Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Bogotá,  Colombia, and Montevideo this year, Venezuela Exporta will head for Asunción, the capital city of Paraguay.